Cabin with a private backyard.


Cabin with an outdoor bathtub/tank.


Cabin with a private mini pool.

We have created three exclusive cabins on a sprawling 10-hectare estate, surrounded by lush meadows and a beautiful forest filled with ancient trees. With stunning architectural design, floor-to-ceiling windows seamlessly blend nature into the minimalistic and serene interior, providing all the necessary comforts.

Design cabins

Hectares of estate

Guests per cabin

An exclusive adult-only experience, perfect for couples. Equipped kitchen, private bathroom, King-Size beds, freestanding bathtubs by large windows, and a private patio.

Within our estate, you will enjoy and take away the best memories. Incredible starry skies, moons, and sunsets that will overwhelm you as you discover them while walking through our forest, hidden spots to savor that calm and silent luxury, perhaps interrupted by the songs of birds. A unique combination that will allow you to enjoy both the VIBE experience itself and a complete vacation in our cabins.


A magic night

One night for two people, welcome champagne and candles, and a VIBE snack dinner.

Romantic getaway

Two nights for two people, welcome champagne and candles, and VIBE breakfast.


One night for two people, welcome champagne and candles, exclusive Michelin-star dinner, and VIBE breakfast.

It’s important to note that these packages cannot be redeemed during holidays, long weekends, or peak season. We want to ensure that your experience is unforgettable, and therefore, we recommend planning your visit on dates outside of these periods.