Complete your stay

We are enticed by the idea of making your stay at VIBE unforgettable. We have created these suggestions for you.

Let yourself be surprised by our breakfast

We can take care of preparing our fantastic breakfast for you, and you’ll have it ready at your cabin door when you wake up. We make it with natural ingredients, and we also have a Gluten-Free option.

The price for breakfast is €20 per person per day

VIBE x La Bicicleta



  • Garden Menu (vegetarian) . 65,00€/person
  • Earth Menu (vegan) . 65,00€/person
  • Trengandín Menu . 70,00€/person
  • Ría de Castellanos Menu . 70,00€/person

The Michelin-starred restaurant La Bicicleta, awarded since 2017, pedals to VIBE Luxury Cabins to bring you your dinner menu.

In an increasingly globalized world, it is essential to recognize the importance of local consumption and “kilometer 0” products. These products, all made in Cantabria, not only offer a unique and authentic experience but also have a significant impact on our region and the environment.

By choosing “kilometer 0” products, we support a shorter and more transparent supply chain, allowing us to know the origin of what we consume, appreciate the quality and freshness of the food, and strengthen the social fabric of our community.

Cleaning service

Upon reservation and payment, we can take care of cleaning your accommodation. The price for the cleaning service is €25 per cleaning.